''It's about you and your individual style''

Welcome to the new norm - Urban Ice Customs

Started as a movement against the general sneaker market, Urban Ice Customs wants to make a difference in a world full of the same general sneaker releases and overpriced hype releases. We are all different and have our own unique taste, so it's about time that the sneaker market becomes more about you and your individual style. Here, you decide what you want by choosing from several designs, color options and personalizable features making a pair of customs really your own. Convenient and tailored to you, as it should be. Welcome to the new norm.


Man-made cities, built from the ground up. They are great places to explore, observe and become inspired. If you open yourself up and look closely, you are able to find inspiration in any little corner of the city. Urban Ice is dedicated and inspired by these concrete jungles and their urban and street culture.

Behind the brand

My name is Robert and I am the person behind Urban Ice Customs. Longtime shoe collector, hip hop head and strategic industrial design student from the Netherlands. I'm strongly inspired by street culture in the form of fashion, music, architecture, etc. and interested in anything visually pleasing. I believe that sneakers are a big part of someone's way of expressing themselves, so much that 'shoecontact before eyecontact' became a thing. I wanted to be a part of it and make a difference, so I created Urban Ice Customs. A brand that stands for your unique style and helps you express yourself. This is where my love for sneakers meets my passion for Industrial Design, so you will always see me working on something related. I do this with great care, precision and enjoy every single moment of it. 

So, I hope you find joy in the designs and content I make, as I enjoy making and sharing them with all of you.


Thank you for the support
Urban Ice Customs